Selasa, 21 Disember 2010


Assalamualaikum everybody!! rini is about tagging2 by my fwen..
meya meyo..haha..
x pernah di tag b4 diz cuz x blog ni sgt2 kurang publisiti..hahha..yeke??
since diz is my 1st tag,,jwb pon hentam jerr..sorie meya!!!

1. What is my name in your handphone?
Meya..=))(i'll chnge it to another funny name of coz..haha)

2. Who are me to you?
Nice,sweet,kind n happy friend of mine n oso,,my lil sis!!^^

3. What you like best in me?
I like ur slumberness..haha

4. Word to describe me?
 Naughty yet beauty..wee..XP

I LOVE meya!!!(for sure dear!!!)

6. Song for me?
hmm..close my eyes by justin bieber..haha..XD

7. Colour for me?
white..suci gitu!!!hehe...

8. Advice(s) for me?
~stay sweet n notie~
~be a gud muslimah k dear!!~
~rememba Allah owez~
study hard~~
a must!!!be a gud daughter k..=)

I oso want my sweet fwen to answer diz~

kak dila
kak zai
kak ika

n sumerr yg mengakses blog ni!!!
kamoo di tag juga!!!
jujur n jwb k..=))

p/s: x baik tipoo..wee~~

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